Below are just a few testimonials from some lovely clients


“Today I was chuckling on the way home to myself. What is funny is, I didn’t think so much had changed. Until I started reflecting with Amy…

I realised, with pleasure, that I am so much more like my old self. I liked the me I was before my anxiety got in the way. I was brave, driven,

confident and an advocate for lots of others who needed support. The anxiety took over and steered things for a while and I veered away

from things that were really important to me, getting stuck in a loop. I can see that now. The hypnotherapy surprised me, Amy made it sound

so simple but I trusted her and now I’m back in control. Amy is so easy to talk to, explains everything patiently and it gets real results. I’ve

been reconnecting with myself, I feel able to be brave and to make choices again, like I’ve been woken from a dream and I see bright things

ahead. Thank you so much Amy for giving me back my spark. If you’re curious about hypnotherapy give Amy a call, you won’t be sorry.”


“Amy is such a lovely and caring lady. I went to see her after suffering from anxiety. She has changed the way I look at myself and

given me the strength to change the way I live my life. She sits and listens in a non judgemental way but is caring and puts you

at ease straight away. If you’re looking for a warm and welcoming therapist then Amy is the person to go to.”


“I would recommend using Amy as she is very efficient knowledgeable and definitely very kind and caring. She listens to you and

never judges you . She explains everything very clearly and will go over things again and again . She has become a great support

to me in many ways not just through my hypnosis but also as a friend in the time that I have known her.”

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