Below are just a few testimonials from some lovely clients


“Today I was chuckling on the way home to myself. What is funny is, I didn’t think so much had changed. Until I started reflecting with Amy…

I realised, with pleasure, that I am so much more like my old self. I liked the me I was before my anxiety got in the way. I was brave, driven,

confident and an advocate for lots of others who needed support. The anxiety took over and steered things for a while and I veered away

from things that were really important to me, getting stuck in a loop. I can see that now. The hypnotherapy surprised me, Amy made it sound

so simple but I trusted her and now I’m back in control. Amy is so easy to talk to, explains everything patiently and it gets real results. I’ve

been reconnecting with myself, I feel able to be brave and to make choices again, like I’ve been woken from a dream and I see bright things

ahead. Thank you so much Amy for giving me back my spark. If you’re curious about hypnotherapy give Amy a call, you won’t be sorry.”


“I owe Amy so much. Without Amy’s patience, knowledge and talent I honestly don’t think I’d be here to write this. Amy helped me back from the point where my anxiety was so crippling I didn’t know how to go on. Thanks to Amy I now have the skills to help myself and I am able to fully embrace life at last. I cannot thank Amy enough!”


Amy has been an incredible support through an extremely difficult time in my life. From the moment I met her she was friendly and relatable and I knew I had met someone special who could help me. The 10 sessions I had with her enabled me to gain my confidence back and find me again. Amy believed in me and worked with me so I would focus on the positive things in my life and look at things in a whole new way. The hypnotherapy at night over time really works and I have been able to sleep again. Overall my anxiety has eased , my thought process has changed and my family feel they have the old me back. I feel proud of what I achieved with Amy’s support and would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

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