Anxiety & Depression
General Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Low Mood, Anger Issues.
Lack of motivation and positivity
Increase your motivation and positivity to help achieve your goals.
Whatever the phobia it takes about 4 sessions.
We can work together to help you overcome your addictions or bad habits.
Smoking Cessation
Effective smoking cessation in one session!
Fertility Issues
Helping you to release the tyranny from your journey.
Fear of Childbirth
Using effective Hypnobirthing Techniques you can overcome your fears and have a more positive birth experience.
Pain Management / Tinnitus / Blood Pressure
Understand more about pain and use hypnotherapy as a management system.
Hypnotherapy is reported to help with IBS symptoms and is recommended by NICE.
Weight Loss
Want to put the biscuits down? Do you stress eat or use it as a coping mechanism? If you're ready to change, Hypnotherapy can help.
We can work together through our sessions to help towards relieving PTSD.
Without using aversion techniques we will work towards helping you at your pace!

The conditions helped list is not exhaustive! If there is something else you’d like help with just let me know!