What should you look for in a Hypnotherapist?

Firstly, you should always look for someone you feel that you can connect with. Hypnotherapy can often take a number of sessions, so it’s important to make sure you are able to establish a bond and rapport with your chosen Hypnotherapist. You should also ensure that they hold relevant qualifications, for example a Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma which is accredited, and a DBS check, especially if working with children.

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Is Hypnotherapy Magic?

No. Hypnotherapy is very much a collaborative process between you and your therapist, there is no magic wand. In order for changes take place, you have to be motivated and ready to make that change. Once you are, then the Hypnotherapy will be more effective.

Can we work remotely?

Yes of course. I can work both face to face and over Zoom. Either is just as effective. You will be given a dedicated time slot just like you would face to face. All you need to do is ensure you are somewhere quiet and comfortable.

Is Hypnosis safe?

Completely. During our Hypnotherapy sessions we have the advantage of using trance, which is very normal – in fact we go into trance many times a day naturally. Trance is simply where the conscious and unconscious minds come together to focus on the same thing.

How long are the sessions?

Most sessions are about an hour long with the exception of Smoking Cessation which is two and a half hours long over one session.


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