Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

I offer Hypnotherapy Sessions near King's Lynn, Norfolk. My clinic is in a small village based approximately a 15 minute drive from the town centre. I am on one of the main bus routes if you do not drive. There is ample free parking at the location.

Is Hypnotherapy magic?

Absolutely not! There are no magic wands I'm afraid when it comes to improving your mindset. Much research suggests that it takes repetition and consistency to make sustainable, longer lasting changes in the brain. This is why therapy is usually offered in a block of sessions and not as a one off magic hit.

What should I be looking for in a Therapist?

Firstly, you should make sure that your Therapist is fully qualified and accredited in what they are practicing. There are many different disciplines within Hypnotherapy that require different types of training. For example, a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist should hold a DSFH as gold standard. Hypnotherapy is very different Stage Hypnotism.

Secondly, ensure that you feel you are able to build a rapport and establish a bond with your therapist - this is of utmost importance in the success of your therapy.

Are the Sessions private?

Absolutely! My clinic is not based within any other business or in a public locality - this means that no one will know that you are attending a therapy session, if you do not wish them to.

It goes without saying that confidentiality is one of our priorities.

How long do sessions last?

Sessions last approximately one hour each. They should take place weekly.

On average you should expect to need between 8 and 10.

What are the session fees?

Initial Consultations are £45 and Sessions are £65. You can also buy a block to save costs. You can find out further information on the Session Fees page.

Can I do Online Therapy and is it as effective?

Online Therapy is a great solution if you'd like to work with me but aren't local, or there are circumstances which mean that it's not as easy for you to leave the house.

You can have all of your sessions over the online platform. They will be exactly the same as if you were attending the clinic. During the national lockdown, sessions had to move to online - there was absolutely no difference in the results of the therapy. Online therapy is just as effective.

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes. There is a Cancellation Policy in place to protect my small business and income. This is as follows - Any cancellations arising within 48 hours of your appointment with incur a 50% fee of the full charge. Appointments cancelled with within 24 hours notice will incur the cost of the full session.

You will be asked to read the Terms and Conditions within your first session and sign your consent.

How do I pay for my sessions?

You can pay for your sessions using cash, card or bank transfer.

Please note that Initial Consultation bookings are required to be paid upon booking to secure your therapy slot.

Is the Mindset Stationery a replacement for therapy?

No. However, it has been specially curated with techniques used in therapy sessions to allow you to move your mindset forwards.

It is great for those people who need some simple guidance on ways to boost their mental health, or those who aren't ready or can't afford to enroll in therapy.

The stationery also makes the perfect gift for those who love stationery and wellness.

How long will it take to dispatch my order?

Your orders will be dispatched to the courier within 1 - 2 days of being placed. They will be delivered shortly after this dependent on the couriers turnaround times.

Do you offer the stationery wholesale?

Yes! We offer wholesale and have done particularly for subscription boxes and businesses recently. Please contact me for prices or to discuss your needs further.

What if I have another question that isn't answered here?

I am always more than happy to answer any questions you have, please just contact me.