• "Absolutely amazing from the start, I felt so at ease in the calming space and Amy's knowledge and ability to explain everything really helped me. Over the weeks I felt so much progression, I felt less anxious and more decisive. It's been some time since my sessions concluded and I can definitely feel the lasting changes it has made, I will be popping back for periodic 'top up sessions' as and when I feel the need. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone."

  • "I went to see Amy after I completely lost my confidence in riding my horse after a nasty accident with my last horse resulting in a serious injury. I was suffering with anxiety in riding my new horse so much that was making myself panic and unwell and dreading even putting my foot in the stirrup, it got to the point where I was considering on giving up horses, my dreams and my passions because of my fear, my confidence.

    I contacted Amy as my last attempt in finding my confidence in riding to see if she was able to help me. I must admit, I was dubious at first. When I met Amy, I found her incredibly welcoming and I found myself at ease with Amy and comfortable. I can find it difficult to open up to people. I found it easy with Amy. Amy explained to me how everything worked it great detail, i also has to write down everyday 3 positives things from my day too. I started seeing Amy once a week, I sure enough my confidence started to improve. Amy also taught me some techniques to help with my anxiety.

    I began riding my horse on my own, then riding on the roads on my own with any hand holding and I only grew in confidence week by week. Eventually I was taking Raz to dressage training and then I went to my first unaffiliated dressage competition which I absolutely loved! Fast forward to now I am competing soon in my first British Dressage competition which has been my biggest dream now coming true with Amy’s help as well as a great team behind me on the yard. I would definitely recommend Amy ♥️"

  • "I will admit I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but thought I would give it try and I am so glad I did. Amy is friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming and is so passionate about helping you, her enthusiasm is contagious!. I have had great results where I didn't think I would and Amy has supported me to find a new way of tackling my problems in a way I had never thought. Amy has helped me help myself so much and I really can't thank her enough."

  • "I went to see Amy as I was having bouts of low mood/depression, anxiety and lack of confidence. Having had counselling/cbt in the past that hadn't helped I felt I had nothing to lose with trying Amy's service. A colleague had also highly recommended Amy. As I was pregnant I thought now was the time to address my mental health before I was post partum. From the first session even just the intro I was optimistic and with each session I felt I was developing. It's incredible how simple the process is but so effective!!! I am so pleased with the progress and Amy was fantastic!!! I am so grateful and know the tools I need to remain stable and calm for the future. Thank you!!"

  • "I never thought by emailing Amy that my life would change so much! Initially I thought she had just helped me to overcome my fear of trying new foods, however I realise now that Amy helped my confidence grow which has affected many other aspects of my life! I looked forward to every session with Amy, she is very friendly and made it easy to be able to open up about my problems. Since finishing my sessions I have continued to use the techniques Amy taught me and try new foods. I love that even though I no longer have sessions, Amy is still happy to hear about the progress I am making. Thank you so much Amy!"

  • "Amy is fantastic. We first got in contact with Amy for her Hypnobirthing class for the birth our first child. As Amy knows I was very sceptical about the hypno side of what Amy does. She was patient and understanding. Amy explains the reasons behind the skills she delivers and with those skills we had a great birthing experience even with the complications we had.
    After the birth of our son I struggled with stress and anxiety so I contacted Amy for help to take control. Again Amy was fantastic giving me the skills to empty my stress bucket and use my intellectual brain to take control.
    Without Amy I would not be in the great place I am today. Enjoying time with my new family. If you are keen to make the steps to positive change the I cannot recommend Amy enough!!!"

  • "Amy is hugely knowledgeable, very friendly and easy to talk to. Our sessions really helped get me into the right mindset to make the changes I needed. The relaxation and hypnotherapy piece definitely helped to reduce my stress levels and start taking control back. Would highly recommend especially for some who has tried over and over and wants to try a new approach to achieving their goals."

  • "Having struggled with anxiety and other mental health issues for a long while, enough was enough. I did a bit of research on Google and came across Amy @ Moving mindset.

    Contacting Amy was the best thing I’ve ever done! I was made to feel at ease as soon as we met. Over the sessions we had together, Amy explained in great detail how my brain was working and how to reframe the negative thoughts taking over. Amongst other ways to manage and deal with any negativity going forward. The hypnotherapy/relaxation part of the sessions were really good too.

    I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Amy to anyone. There has definitely been a positive impact to my life.

    Thank you so much for everything you’ve helped me with :-)"

  • "I discovered Amy and the idea of Hypnotherapy through instagram. At the time, I was incredibly lost in knowing what I wanted to do, and how to push myself into making those things happen for my happiness. I had lots of ambition, but not a lot of confidence within myself as well as suffering with both depression and anxiety.

    Amy helped me see that, 1. Therapy is not about digging up your past as such, its about being in the moment and thinking about solutions to move forward and therefore accepting and becoming at peace with my old self. 2. The Hypnotherapy aspect is not scary, I was fully expecting to be put in a trance! but its very similar to a visual guided meditation, that I don't do often but found really great to be able to reflect on what we had spoken about as well as actually letting my body switch off. This was also still achieved through Zoom!

    Amy is very kind, gentle and understanding. I am a few months on from finishing therapy, and I am a brand new person compared to last year, I feel a lot more confident and happy - I feel much more like myself.

    Meeting Amy, and having Hypnotherapy (even virtually!!) was the best thing I did for myself."

  • "This is by far the best decision I made to have sessions with Amy. She was amazing with me and I loved the fact she talked through the science behind the techniques. An investment into my ability to cope with whatever life brings at me. I would definitely recommend 👌"

  • "What a FANTASTIC hypnotherapist!! Amy is so kind and welcoming, I’m a whole new person thanks to her!! Not only is Amy lovely but the space she creates for you is wonderful, so clam and comfortable!! Couldn’t fault Moving Mindset at all- 110% recommend."

  • "The most amazing experience and can not recommend enough. In my 8 weeks with Amy she’s helped me to completely reshape my perspective and mindset. I now feel like I can conquer any issue that comes my way through the use of the skills that she has helped me find. I’m so thankful for finding her service when I did."

  • "I owe Amy so much. Without Amy's patience, knowledge and talent I honestly don't think I'd be here to write this. Amy helped me back from the point where my anxiety was so crippling I didn't know how to go on. Thanks to Amy I now have the skills to help myself and I am able to fully embrace life at last. I cannot thank Amy enough!"

  • "Amy has taught me so much over the last few months! I have suffered from anxiety for a long time and developed a lot bad habits over the years and finally decided to do something about it when I was recommended to talk to Amy by one of my friends.

    Amy is very friendly, calm and easy to talk to and made me realise that the small changes I make overtime can make a huge difference to my daily life. She explains the process of hypnotherapy clearly and really helps to understand how the brain works.

    I have finished my sessions with Amy now and continue to use the tools she has taught me and feel so much more confident and happy. It has allowed me to change my mindset and focus on my goals and passions."

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