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Moving Mindset

Daily Affirmations Download

Daily Affirmations Download

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Have you ever heard of neuroplasticity? It’s the ability of the brain pathways to change, adapt and rewire to do something different to what’s happened before.

Perhaps you struggle with lack of self belief, confidence or motivation? The brain can’t always tell the difference between imaginary and reality – if you’re great at negative self talk then think of what that could potentially be doing to the way you feel, focus and go about life.

Listening to affirmations helps by allowing you to create a mental image of seeing yourself in a more positive way – allowing those brain pathways to build, and encouraging your mind to take them as a fact! They can be a really helpful stepping block towards making those changes you’re wanting to make; building confidence, feel more relaxed and ready for whatever you may face.

All you need to do is pop them on, listen and repeat after me (this does not have to be out loud!)

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