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Moving Mindset

Mindful Cross Stitch - Downloadable Weekly Planner

Mindful Cross Stitch - Downloadable Weekly Planner

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Recently, I had the absolute pleasure in working with Sophie from Sew Sophie Ltd. Sophie owns a lovely Cross Stitch Kits business with an emphasis on Mindful Cross Stitch!

Following our sessions, Sophie asked me to write a chapter for her book about mental health and ways to improve the mindset! Anyone who knows me knows I am an absolute advocate for any activity which may help you to move forwards when it comes to mental health so I was absolutely delighted to oblige. 

Using the basics learnt from our sessions this weekly planner was then designed to help guide and improve your mindset - I really hope that you enjoy using this. Please download it as a free guide!

If you feel you need any guidance or further help, please feel free to reach out! 

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