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Moving Mindset

Mindset Stationery Bundle/Stationery Gift Bundle

Mindset Stationery Bundle/Stationery Gift Bundle

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Are you a stationery and wellness lover? Do you like your desk to be full of bright, motivational items? This bundle is perfect for you – combining mindset guidance, organisational skills and a space to collect your thoughts, you can have the best of all worlds, right from the comfort of your own desk!

The bundle contains:

An A6 Gratitude Notepad

Did you know that by practicing the daily writing of three good things you can rewire the brain to have a more positive perspective?

This bright A6 notepad is an amazing tool to help you focus upon what’s been good, rather than allowing your brain to dwell upon the negative. You’d be surprised at how a simple daily technique can alter your mindset, perspective and mood.

Featuring 100 top tear off sheets, this notepad is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to make simple steps towards a better mindset, as well as for those looking for gifts for wellbeing and stationery lovers!

An A5 Planner

Never underestimate how much a daily planner can help you in life!

Incorporating organisation, focus and mindset techniques, this colourful A4 planner is sure to give you a motivational boost, whilst keeping those negative thoughts at bay!

Featuring 50 tear off sheets, the planner is a perfect solution for anyone looking to feel more organised and energised, or for the stationery and wellness lover.

7 Wellbeing Postcards

Your mindset is everything – it affects the way you see, deal and progress in life.

This set of 7 postcards aims to give you the knowledge, guidance, and motivation to improve your mindset and mental health.

Featuring expert advice from a registered nurse and clinical therapist on reducing stress; increasing happy hormones; improving sleep; goal setting; making new pathways in your brain, and reframing your thoughts, you can be sure to give yourself a boost when it comes to self-development.


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